Snooker rules video

snooker rules video

This is a beginner's explanation of Snooker Rules. Watch this short video tutorial guide on how to play. Snooker rules and refereeing · Home · About Me · R.A.C.C.S. and Canadian Referees · A Canadian Journey to becoming a referee at the World Championships. The Snooker Gym Ltd is the sole training provider worldwide to offer formal approval from the IBSF and WPBSA. snooker rules video


The Rules of Snooker - EXPLAINED!

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When the striker has cue ball in hand within the Half Circle he may place the base of the cue ball anywhere on the line or within the Half Circle, and may use his hand or any part of his cue including the tip to position the cue ball--as long as it is judged he is not attempting to play a stroke. Failure to do so is a foul See Penalties For Fouls. See Penalties For Fouls Spotting Balls: While reds remain on the table, each potted color is spotted prior to the next stroke see Spotting Balls below for spotting rules. To score a greater number of points than opponent. The apex ball of the triangle of reds is racked as close as possible to the pink without touching it. The striker shall to the best of his ability endeavor to hit the ball on.

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